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My Life: The Circus – Play-by-play


Emmaleigh: [shuts bedroom door]: “Oh yeah, here we go!”
[click: Radio blares at high volume]

Katie: [from her bed]: “MOM!!!!!”

Me: (thinks to herself): “oh no the neighbors!”

Me: (in a bionic manner) [leaps from chair, runs from living room, down the hall, opens Katie’s door]: “I’m on it!” [closes door, runs further, opens Em’s door]

Emmaleigh: (moments before the door opens) [turns off radio and dives for the bed]

Me: [runs for the bedside table where the radio usually is, slides 6 inches on a plastic hanger, then falls to floor on derriere] “Ahh!”

Emmaleigh: [laughing hysterically] “Mom! You just fell in slow motion..hahahahaha.”

Me: [silently rocks body while holding wounded foot previously caught under bedside table]

Emmaleigh: [still laughing at my misery] “What the crap?!”

Me: [slightly recovered, lifts self from floor, laughing hysterically, picks up cowboy boot] “You should be in trouble for that! Maybe I should whoop your butt with this boot…hahahaha.”

Emmaleigh: [still laughing] “That’s not going to do anything. haha”

Me: [trips over blankets, falls on top of daughter, laughs hysterically]

Emmaleigh: [continues laughing] “Mom, why are you on top of me?!”

Me: [still laughing] “Because I need to pee.”

Emmaleigh [stops laughing] “Then why are you on my bed?!”

Me: [laughs more] “Because I need to pee!”

Both: [continue to laugh hysterically while checking out my wounded foot]

Emmaleigh: “Now tuck me in, woman….”

Me: [throws blankets over dorky kid’s head]: “There!”

Emmaleigh: “No, do it in a righteous way.”

Me: [turns out light, closes door] “Night!”